Guarantee - Rates - In case of a sinister


By choosing Missed Event Insurance, Allianz Assistance refunds your event tickets after receiving all the requested justificates up to 200 euros in the following cases:


Order amount 0.00 to 49.99€ 50.00 to 74.99€ 75.00 to 99.99€ 100.00 to 149.99€ 150.00 to 199.99€ 200.00 to 299.99€ + 300.00€
Insurance rate 2€ 3€ 4€ 5€ 7€ 10€ 15€

Conditions And Limitation

Optional warranty at the time of ticket purchase
Duration of the guarantee: from the date of subscription of the insurance to the date of the show
Guarantee limitation: 200 € per ticket

In Case Of A Sinister

Step 1 : In the event of a disaster, please make your claim on the website www.allianz-assistance.fr and go to « Indeminsation » section.
You can also claim by phone + 33 (0) 1 40 25 56 89 (Monday to Friday from 9 am to 6 pm).
The insurance contract number to be reported on the claim form is 304017.

Step 2 : Send all documents requested by Allianz Assistance in order to justify the reason for the cancellation.

Step 3 : If the claim is accepted, refund of your tickets will be made by check or transfer credit card

This document is a presentation of the cancellation insurance, not a legal text.

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