With Missed Event Insurance, if you can't attend an event for any covered reason,
you'll get refund of the ticket price.
Allianz Assistance


Your tickets are refunded if you can not go to the show in case of illness, accident, damage to property ...


Rates from 2€ only


You opt for cancellation insurance when ordering and you are immediately covered from the day of purchase of your ticket and insurance


All participants in the show are automatically covered

By choosing Missed Event Insurance, Allianz Assistance refunds your event tickets after receiving all the requested justificates up to 200 euros in the following cases:
  • Illness, accident of yourself or relatives
  • Public transit strike, the day of the show
  • Serious damage to your home or vehicle
  • Theft of event ticket
  • Death of yourself or your relatives
  • Call for a Graduate Review in Graduate Studies
  • Convocation as a juror or witness on the day of the show
  • Loss or theft of identity papers
This document is a presentation of the cancellation insurance, not a legal text.

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